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 Welcome to Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones.  I started this site on behalf of my father Robert who survived what he calls a near-death experience after going through the excruciating pain of a kidney stone attack.

Between the screaming and writhing on the floor his poor wife Sarah thought he was dying, but was able to calm him down and stop him from slithering around like a rattler with its head cut off just long enough for the paramedics to arrive and haul him off to the hospital.

On the way to the emergency room there was a strange calm that came over my father as he wondered how a healthy man in his forties could suddenly be brought to his knees by what seemed like a twisting knife in his back, cutting through every fiber of his being.





He drifted in and out and what he remembers is the urologist holding a CT scan and saying something about renal calculi, a kidney stone making its maiden voyage down his ureter on its way to the bladder. 

Think about this, a pebble no larger than 3 millimeters bringing you to your knees.  It happened to my father and yes it can happen to you.This is why it is crucial to read Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones so that you will be informed and warned. 

Nobody should go through the pain of passing kidney stones, but millions of people do every year. The signs are there, stabbing back pain, blood in the urine and constant sweating.  At that time  my father and I were not armed with the information you now have before you.


If not for the pain killers, hydration and alpha-blockers it could of been worse.  The passing of his kidney stone marked an event in my father’s life that he will never forget.

For some people it’s their family history, for others it’s a matter of diet, but wherever you find yourself be it healthy, on the edge or going through the signs take action now!    Review the information on this site.  

If need be consult with a medical specialist or arm yourself with the information at hand so unlike my father you will never  have to be brought to your knees.

Remember denial is not a river in Egypt, but the outcome of an Egyptian mummy found with a kidney stone in its pelvis dating back to 4,800 BC.

History need not repeat itself when you have the tools to benefit your health and the ones you care about. 

To Your Good Health And Happiness,




Kidney Stones – Mayo Clinic


Why do you get kidney stones? Find out and take action now
to help prevent excruciating pain and costly hospital expenses.




Your Kidneys – The Dynamic Duo

Your Kidneys - The Dynamic DuoTake a moment and give yourself a pat on the back and while you’re at it reach down over and give your kidneys a hug.

For these are the dynamic duo of waste management that are committed  to your well-being by removing deadly toxins and impurities from your blood and transforming it to urine that is released out of your body.

These vital organs are working non-stop 24/7 on your behalf, not only filtering out impurities, but regulating your blood by balancing body fluids and releasing hormones that control blood pressure. 

In addition your kidneys also regulate the production of red blood cells and promote strong healthy bones by producing an active form of vitamin D.

It’s amazing when you consider the many functions of your kidneys and how they keep your body in balance and good health until something goes wrong. For it is then you realize that you can no longer take for granted the food you eat or the lack of hydration your body and kidneys so desperately need.




Kidney Stones – A Virtual Time Bomb
The consequences can be severe and in some cases life threatening when tiny crystals form within the kidneys giving birth to the dreaded kidney stone, a virtual time-bomb that can create havoc once they drop down into the ureter.

Kidney stone size determines whether they pass through harmlessly into the bladder or damage the delicate lining by scrapping it causing bleeding, infection or even worse, becoming lodged within the ureter blocking the urine stream back up into the kidneys.

The excruciating pain is known to bring a grown man to his knees if not to the emergency room to treat the complications of a blockage that can swell the kidneys and shut them down.




  Prevention Is Key!

This is why when you apply natural remedies for kidney stones you give your body the tools to fight the formation of chemical compounds that crystallize and clump into stones inside your kidneys as well as providing relief during a kidney stone attack.

Kidney stones are made up of minerals or calcium and they can either pass naturally or get stuck and cause a lot of problems.

Around ten percent of people will have kidney stones at one point or another in their lifetime, but men are a lot more likely to develop them than women are.

If you find yourself plagued by kidney stones there are many natural remedies that could help end your suffering and offer you an alternative to surgery for kidney stones.




Kidney & Kidney Stone

 Kidney & Kidney Stone


 The Main Cause Of Kidney Stones

An unhealthy diet is the main cause of kidney stones. Many of the natural remedies to cure kidney stones come in the form of a natural food source or herb.

One of the first natural remedies that are available for kidney stones is drinking pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice has many good qualities that will help with your body’s health.

The seeds and juice taken from the pomegranate is said to help cure kidney stones.  Many different types of plants can be turned into teas that help with kidney stones.

Horsetail tea is one of the most effective forms. Horsetail is a natural diuretic that you can take in a tea form but is also available in a pill form for those who do not like the tea.



Additional Remedies For
Kidney Stones Include

Organic celery and celery seeds are also great remedies for kidney stones since they help prevent the stones from forming in your kidneys. Add celery seeds to your meals for a reduction in kidney stone formations.

Another plant based natural remedy is found in Basil.  Basil tea is a great addition to good kidney health. Drinking basil juice mixed with honey can help remove the stones from your kidney tract and reduce the risk of complications.

There is also a boiled down form of kidney beans that can be ingested to combat kidney stone pain. When using kidney beans you will want to remove them from their outer shell and boil them down for around six hours.






Strain out all of the non-liquid and throw away what is left in the strainer. Drink the mixture as often as you please throughout the day to help with kidney stone pain and discomfort.

Some of the natural remedies for kidney stones include supplements. Magnesium supplements reduce kidney stones and can help prevent new stones from forming. Taking around three hundred milligrams per day of magnesium will help your kidneys improve drastically. 



Dandelion RootAnother supplement that can help cleanse the kidneys is taking a dose of dandelion root. Taking the recommended dosage of 500mg at three different times in the day will help reduce your kidney stones and the pain related to it.





A less commonly heard of supplement that will help with kidney stones is a supplement called Uva Ursi.  It helps to clear the kidneys of infection and is thought of as a pain reliever for the kidney stone sufferer. When taking this supplement the recommended dosage is the same as taking dandelion root, 500mg for three times a day.   

Also include whole grain foods that are rich in fiber and foods that are rich in magnesium such as apples, avocados and beans that help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Drinking distilled water can also be preferable to drinking tap water since distilled water contains none of the minerals that can build up in your urine.

Exercise, even if it is for a short period of time to keep your body flexible and increase the movement of bodily fluids as well as the production of urine flow that will help keep your kidneys running smoothly.

While passing kidney stones you may want to consider the herbs Skullcap and Valerian that are strong sedatives that may help relax the ureter long enough for a small kidney stone to pass.

Kava kava is a natural herb that is also known for its calming effect upon the body.To help prevent kidney stones from developing you may want to consider reducing your intake of oxalate-rich foods.





Kidney Stones in the lower back can be very painful and for most people having kidney stones it is a nightmare. Click here to discover the signs of kidney stones 





Natural Remedies For
Kidney Stones Treatments

A natural treatment for kidney stones that is most effective is a mixture of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. This natural pain reliever can tremendously help alleviate your kidney stone pain.To create this mixture, add equal parts olive oil and lemon juice (around two ounces) to twelve ounces of filtered water.

After drinking this wait about an half of an hour and drink another two ounces of lemon juice with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in another twelve ounce glass of water.

You can repeat this hourly as many times as you would like throughout the day until you have no more kidney stone symptoms.

The main thing to remember about kidney stones is that your diet can greatly affect the occurrence and changes of your body forming these painful deposits and may lead  you to talking with your doctor about the best way to treat kidney stone removal.

A diet full of fatty and fried foods is a way to make sure that you will be afflicted by kidney stones at one point in your life or another. Sugar filled sodas and alcohol based drinks are also very bad for the body. 

All of these things promote kidney stone formation.  Add a lot of leafy greens and beautiful fruits to your diet and discover how natural remedies for kidney stones can reduce and even eliminate the chances of you becoming a kidney stone sufferer.




Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones
How To Stop Them From Recurring

There are simple things that you can do that can help you get rid of kidney stones naturally. The things that you will need for natural remedies can easily be bought in the supermarket or you may already have some of them in your home right now.  

Lemon is one of the best natural remedies for kidney stones known. It has very high citrate content.

Citrate has been known and proven by experts to be a natural inhibitor of the formation of kidney stones in the body.

It is advised to drink lemon juice as often as you can with a concentration of 120ml lemon juice extract mixed with 2 liters of water for best results.  

You could also mix lemon juice with olive oil. This is one of the remedies for kidney stones that will let the kidney stones pass within a day after drinking the mixture.

The mixture should be 2 oz of both lemon juice and olive oil mixed with a glass of water. This mixture has become the kidney stone cure for many individuals.

It is very important to excrete 2 liters of urine per day, therefore drink more water than you regularly do to help flush out the kidney stones.



Onions is another great kidney stone remedy. All you have to do is get 2 medium onions and boil it in water. Then put the boiled onion in the blender and blend it. Strain the blended onion and drink the juice. Do this for 3 days. You will feel that the kidney stones will start passing on the second day. This kidney stone remedy has worked for many people.






There are some Chinese medicines like chicken bone grass that have been known to be one of the natural remedies for gallstones and kidney stones.

Just go to a Chinese drug store and inquire inside how to properly use this herbal medicine.

Drinking coconut water of the juice from the coconut will help in dissolving kidney stones. Also any kind of citrus fruits will help in getting rid of kidney stones in the body, but the best is still the lemon.

You could drink orange juice daily if lemon juice is not available for you, just be sure that you drink the freshly squeezed one and not the instant powdered variety.

Finally, it is best that you avoid  alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks and also vegetables like cabbage, tomato, cauliflower, spinach, etc. These are just some of the well known natural remedies for kidney stones. 




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